About us

Welcome to the online home of VON ARDEN HAUSE ROTTWEILERS, a small hobby kennel located in Maracas St. Joseph, Trinidad & Tobago. My name is Nigel Ferguson and I have been involved in Rottweilers for a little over 15 years. My bloodlines are made up of German dogs as I believe in the strict guidelines of the ADRK the German Rottweiler Club because of its high standards. In Germany, before a Rottweiler is ALLOWED to breed, it must first prove itself in the show ring, and it must be judged on how well it represents the TRUE German Rottweiler in both confirmation (physical appearance–the huge block head, heavy bone, well muscled body with good substance) and Temperament (mental soundness–not waivering in courage, highly intelligent and good natured). This is accomplished by a Breeding Suitability Test or ZtP. It must also have certification pertaining to genetic diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Then it must be determined if the Rottweiler to which it is intended to be bred is compatible and whether it will “better the breed”.

My goal as a Rottweiler breeder is to breed dogs which have excellent temperaments, of correct conformation, structurally sound (ie. hips, elbows, bite and eyes) and also have excellent heads and bone substance. It is my intention to strive to better the Rottweiler breed in my country by producing top quality Rottweilers. My dogs should be of high intelligence and be courageous and at the same time be protective and devoted to their owners and families. My dogs are raised with the utmost attention towards nutrition, cleanliness, exercise and socialization and finally, they are loved as members of my family.